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This portable diaper changing pad is the smallest practical diaper clutch available. It’s built from durable, child-safe materials with good cushioning. Gets not much bigger than a wallet when folded, yet it unfolds into a very large diaper changing mat that’s portable above all else. This diaper changing kit has a lot of mesh pockets inside. The change mat is soft, yet large and lightweight.
The surface of the mat is fully waterproof and easily wipeable with a damp cloth or napkin.
This portable baby changing pad and bamboo towels are an ideal new baby gift or baby shower gift. New moms will love and appreciate its functionality.
Included are two white and soft bamboo washcloths ideal on the go to wipe the baby’s face and body. They’re much safer than regular wet napkins and fit easily in the changing clutch. A few diapers can accompany the parents tucked inside this portable diaper changing station.

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