Up to 70% of our body is water which makes it the most essential component to live. To live a better life, healthy water is mandatory. In the present era, healthy drinking water is possible through a water filter or a few scientific techniques.

Both Natural and human procedures have added toxic elements (contaminants) to water making it impure and harmful for drinking. Human procedures include excessive waste throwing and improper sanitation systems.

Most of the parts on our planet are affected by these activities and so the inhabitants make use of refrigerator water filter to enjoy healthy water.


Variety of refrigerator water filters are available to meet the market needs. Hundreds of companies are serving the world, this is where GlacialPure filters make their existence.

GlacialPure filters are manufactured in the Pureza plant and serving the world with better water since 2016.

We came across GlacialPure refrigerator filter, reviewed and found out how they are making healthy water available for everyone. USE THE CODE :3GNH25 ,GET 25% OFF.

Most of the developed countries are working to find better processes to improve water quality. At the moment, water filter is the only option.


How GlacialPure is the Best Water Filter?

After reviewing a range of water filters, GlacialPure proved to be of great value. From price to build quality, everything was phenomenal. Here’s what makes GlacialPure special:

#1. Usage of High-Quality Plastic


GlacialPure filters use rigid plastic as an external material. If you’ve no idea about the characteristics of rigid plastic, here are few:

Toughest mechanical performance

heat resistance

chemical stability

And weather resistance

With the fine material used, its filters provide better and healthy drinking water.


#2. Internal Material capable of removing 24 contaminants

GlacialPure uses Srilankan coconut shell sintered carbon to enhance filter quality. The material described helps in 97% chlorine reduction. Only a little percent of chlorine is affordable for our body but a greater proportion causes a lot to normal body functioning. Srilankan carbon has a stronger and better absorption rate compared to its rivals. Jammed with LG glue, the carbon has got potential to reduce 24 contaminants reduction. If you have an idea how carbon reduces contaminants and haven’t seen the performance of pure carbon, try this once.


#3. Excellent Production Process


Going through the production processes, we found out how controlled the environment they have to ensure the best quality water filter. Production starts with heavy metal detection, residual chlorine test and then water hammering test takes place for 100,000 times. After these three basic and important steps, pressure test and residual chlorine sampling is made. In this way, a quality filter is manufactured. There’s no doubt spontaneous research is required to serve better and healthy drinking water.


#4. NSF/ANSI Certified Process

The GPE water filter is certified to authorities like NSF/ANSI for chlorine, color and 24 contaminants reduction. Also, it is certified by IAMPO R&T to guarantee clean and fresh tasting water.


All these certifications make sure quality standard is not minimized at any level whether its about contaminants reduction or taste.

#5. Affordable Prices

We’ve gone through the manufacturing part to know whether GPE filter is a good choice or not.


Moving towards prices, which is affordable as low as 0.99$ per piece. The company develops and produces all filters independently reducing the marketing process and extra expenses that customers face. This way, customers experience the lowest price and the highest quality.


#6. Express Shipping Worldwide


All filters are stocked in US warehouse and shipping is made through shipping pioneers like FedEx, USPS, and UPS. If you’re an Amazon user, a monthly subscription is there. You just place the number of pieces you require for a month and it will be delivered to your doorstep every month.

#7. Customer Oriented Refund policy

For 15 days, you can get guaranteed refund for the filters you purchase. If you have quality concerns, GPE filters have got a policy to exchange for quality problems.


#8. 24/7 Customer Support

This is a much-needed thing for any queries we come across. There’s a 24/7 live chat feature available on GPE filter website to chat with representatives for complaints and guidelines.



GPE filters are made under a controlled environment and the material used in production is of high quality. Years of journey has helped them find the perfect procedure to produce a better refrigerator water filter. USE THE CODE :3GNH25 ,GET 25% OFF.


Due to the customer-oriented policies, they are serving 500,000+ families solely in the USA.

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