LokkGlacialPure Filter for Frigidaire EPTWFU01, Pure Source Ultra II (3-Pack) |$43.65|

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Deal price $43.65

Orginal price $80.97

It offers best Price with best Quality as this reviews says.


GPE filter reduces chlorine taste and smell, remove 97% of lead and 24 contaminants. Purer, healthier and great tasted water are our GPE filter’s commitment to everyone.

Best Feature you will find in Glacialpure filter that no other brand can offer you on your Door step 

1:Color, Chlorine, Copper, Zinc, Mercury, Lead.

2:More Economical, More environmentally friendly
-GPE Filter: each filter provides 300 gallons of filtered water and 6 months filters life.
-Bottled Water: at 240 gallons of water about 1800 bottles per year— around $450.
-Drinking filtered water instead of bottled can help reduce plastic waste. In one year you can save
1,800 disposable bottles from landfills and oceans with just 2 Long-last filters.

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